The most important advantages of the ThinPrep Pap Test is that it ensures the collection of all cells of the shooting and their proper maintenance, whereas in classical Pap Test rejected the majority of the cells with the spatula and brush making.

In classical Pap Test, the simple spreading of the cells on the glass plate causes uneven coating and often difficult to assess the microscope. Instead, the ThinPrep Pap Test, offers high quality coating, resulting cytology to make accurate diagnosis.

Still, the ThinPrep Pap Test allows performing additional tests, which may be needed in the same sample without repeat visit and download.

Authoritative sources worldwide have proven that the ThinPrep Pap Test gives accurate results (over 90%) than the conventional Test Pap. To ThinPrep Pap Test is currently the most sensitive method for prevention and diagnosis of cervical lesions.

Peter Karakitsos, Professor of Cytology, University of Athens
Greek President cytological Company

― The benefits of the ThinPrep Pap Test

By choosing ThinPrep Pap Test, the only FDA approved test for Pap Testing and HPV infection testing with a single collection process, women cover all necessary preventive control for cervical cancer.

ThinPrep Pap Test is more reliable than the typical Pap Test. FDA approval, November 1996: “… it is essentially more effective than the 50-year-old conventional Pap Test…” and “…it has improved significantly the adequacy of the sample…” 1.

A combination of ThinPrep Pap Test and ThinPrep Imaging increases even more the traceability of cervical lesions.

1. FDA, Department of Health & Human Services, P950039, ThinPrep® 2000 System. Filed: November 22, 1995. Amended: March 6, April 19, May 1, and May 7, 1996