― Women’s reliable test

It is more accurate than the typical Pap test because it identifies more damages or lesions related to cervical cancer or precancerous lesions 1.
ThinPrep Pap Test was approved by the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1996 and it was the first Liquid Based Cytology Test.  Since it was introduced in 1996, ThinPrep Pap Test contributed in reducing cervical cancer up to 30% 1.

1  Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) Program. SEER Database: Incidence – SEER 9 Regs Public-Use, Nov. 2004 Sub (1973-2002), National Cancer Institute, DCCPS, Surveillance Research Program, Cancer Statistics Branch, released April 2005, based on November 2004 submission

― Improvement of the usual Pap Test – ThinPrep Pap Test

For a typical Pap Test, the doctor gently scrapes off cells from the cervix with the use of a spatula and a brush. The cells are smeared on a slide which is sent to the laboratory for microscopic examination.
With ThinPrep Pap Test, the cells are collected in the same manner, without any additional discomfort. But, instead of directly smearing the slide, the doctor inserts the cells in a vial which contains a cell preservation solution. Then, the slide is smeared automatically in a specialized system. This process ensures the collection of all cells from the sample (100%) and their correct preservation and smearing. Thin Prep Pap Test also allows multiple tests on the same sample without a repeat visit or collection.

― ThinPrep Imaging – Next century’s Pap Test

In 2003, USA FDA approved ThinPrep Imaging System in order to be used together with ThinPrep Pap Test for the detection of cervical precancerous and cancerous lesions. The combination of these two significantly improves the detection of abnormal.cells.
ThinPrep Imaging system detects on every ThinPrep Pap Test slide areas of interest that may contain suspicious cells. In this way, it helps the cytologist focus on the points of interest and, therefore, more safely detect possible lesions. This means that all ThinPrep Pap Test slides are checked twice – a first one by the Thin Prep Imaging System computer and a second one by the cytologist.

― Thin Prep Pap Test: most doctors’ choice

ThinPrep Pap Test is the only Pap Test approved by the FDA (USA Food and Drugs Administration) as a more sensitive method compared to the conventional Pap Test in detecting cervical and endometrial adenocarcinoma1.

1 Schorge JO, Hossein Saboorian M, Hynan L, et al. ThinPrep detection of cervical and a typical endocervical cells: a retrospective cohort study. Cancer Cytopathol. 2002;96:338-343.

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